Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Plavix "Golf Gurney"

See the commercial here.

Synopsis: A menopausal former heart attack victim joylessly plays a round of golf while being ominously stalked by a sentient, self-propelled hospital gurney sent by the Angel of Death to try to drag her back to grave.

Mind if I play through? Heh-heh ...

Message: Plavix knows what your arteries did last summer.

This is what happens when you swallow too many baby teeth

Subliminal Message: God doesn't love you enough to save your ass twice.

Memorable Moment: While Betty Blood Clot approaches her 6-foot putt, the gurney searches for its ball in the rough.

Anyone find a Titleist?

Disturbing Aspect: Respecting no bounds of common decency, the gurney rolls stealthily into the women's locker room to spy on Betty while she changes her shoes.

Oh, yeah ... yeah, that's it ... come on, baby ...

Burning Questions: Why is the gurney, which effortlessly managed to pursue its target around an 18-hole golf course, in and out of the clubhouse, and all the way across town to the cardiologist's office, unable to negotiate a simple automatic door? Did Doctor Dramatization ever consider changing his name in order to attract more patients? If Obama's health care bill passes, will taxpayers have to pick up the tab for Betty's greens fees?

Um ... a little help?

Last non-Indian physician in America struggles to read Hindi

Overall Loathsomeness: 5.8

Mitigating Factor: Betty's country club subsequently banned all rogue medical equipment from teeing off before 11:00 AM, except during league play.


  1. this IS some really poor advertising!! this ad extremely bothers me! if i'm burdened with heart problems, i'm going to be sure i go to plavix's competitors!! -its a SUPER-CREEPY commercial!!!

  2. Plavix knows what you did last summer.

  3. I agree. When this Plavix ad comes on, I turn the TV off, usually for the rest of the day, usually ending my watching of MSNBC for the day. It's a disgusting ad, as are all the Plavix gurney ads, basically saying, if you had a heart attack, another could be on the way if you don't use our drugs. It's terribly offensive.

  4. I agree, the intent of the ad from the suit's POV is stupid, but what the director was thinking was sort of a take on stuff from the worlds of fright and the surreal and I actually got a kick out of these ads. When the gurney can't get through the door, I thought back to the skeletorish form of the Terminator (all CGI and models of course, no Ahnold) near the end of first movie slamming its frame and shiny skull against that door in the factory, quite nightmarish. The other thing, and this is amusing to me, is the idea that someone could just go about their business and notice a gurney following them and just be mumbling, oh there's that damn gurney again.

  5. Perhaps it's a blessing in disguise: a personal self-propelled gurney could come in handy in a variety of everyday situations, such as bringing in groceries, transporting firewood, or faking a medical degree. It would be great at parties, too. No need for a designated driver; the gurney's got you covered.


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