Monday, August 17, 2009

Snuggie "Sleeves"

See the commercial here.

Synopsis: A group of thermally-sensitive but otherwise normal-seeming people, apparently not on acid or at gunpoint, suddenly lose all contact with reality when they willingly don floor-length fleece monastic robes as a preferred alternative to traditional, non-ridiculous attire.

Woman trapped in regular blanket unable call psychic hotline

Wearing new Snuggie, woman rediscovers opposable thumbs

Message: If you're ready to completely give up on life, Snuggie is ready to dress you.

Cardinal O'Flannigan takes in rerun of "Sex and the City"

Mortified baby regrets not doing E*Trade commercial

Subliminal Message: People already think you're a clueless idiot, so who cares?

Never invite the Millers to your kid's football game

Emperor Palpatine enjoys plush comfort of red Snuggie

Memorable Moment: After putting on a Snuggie to keep warm in her drafty dorm room, a college student accidentally travels back in time to 1968.

If she burned her bra, how would anyone know?

Disturbing Aspect: A Snuggie-clad family glibly prepares to sacrifice its youngest son to the harvest god Ba'al Barkesh.

"Remember when I said it was flame-retardant? I lied."

Burning Questions: Who plays backgammon anymore? How many personal injury lawsuits has Snuggie been hit with so far? Did they fire the production assistant who misspelled "Ithaca?"

At this point, suicide is the only real option

Seconds later, trip over Snuggie causes 3rd-degree burns

"When I die, I want to be in my Snuggie ... with a bottle of gin."

Overall Loathsomeness: 6.5

Mitigating Factor: Snuggie is the only brand of evening wear specifically endorsed by the Vatican.


  1. The journey with the Snuggie is the path to glory. In time all will realize the greatness!

  2. Amen! But they do look warm and "snuggly."

  3. Your comment about the baby losing the E-Trade commercial was laugh out loud funny.

  4. I still think Emperor Palpitine was the best part; that killed me!

  5. A few years from now, tens of thousands of these will start turning up in Salvation Army stores and homeless shelters.

  6. You have made some excellent points there! Thanks for linking this... this is great! My ribs hurt from laughing :)

  7. And to think, this was before Snuggie introduced their new "Wild Side" animal print designs.


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