Monday, September 7, 2009

60 Plus "Sacrifice"

See the commercial here.

Synopsis: For a soul-selling paycheck from the crypto-reactionary, Virginia-based "60 Plus Association," an overwrought, husky-voiced narrator who sounds suspiciously like the same guy who did a series of subcretinous Miller High Life commercials a few years ago tries to scare the bejesus out of paranoid, self-entitled senior citizens by presenting a litany of horrors certain to occur if President Obama's Marxist-Leninist health care reform initiative is enacted by Congress.

Senior denied essential surgery regrets not voting for Ron Paul

Imported Canadian doctors prepare to harvest organs for U.N.

They said that all the illegal immigrants had to be treated first

Once-proud nation now led by meddling Kenyan

Message: Grandpa didn't fight through a hail of enemy gunfire at Omaha Beach so that migrant workers, ungrateful grandkids, and liberal Democrats could obtain federally-funded abortions and body piercings at his expense.

Al Franken wouldn't have lasted 30 seconds

"Get off my lawn."

Subliminal Message: Keep those free hip replacements coming!

"So You Think You Can Dance," my ass ...

Memorable Moment: After a government-mandated change of primary care physicians, a dazed and confused elderly Medicare recipient is wheeled out of her local clinic to a waiting UPS truck.

"... and that's why we're sending you to Cuba."

It's been a busy week for the death panels

Disturbing Aspect: Sinister music is played over images of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Congressman Charlie Rangel.

Finally: the complete personification of evil

Health Department tanks roll toward nursing homes

Burning Questions: Was former wannabe metal musician / current wingnut conspiracy theorist Pat Boone really the best choice to be enshrined on 60 Plus' website as its National Spokesman? Does 60 Plus appreciate the irony that most of the countries our veterans helped liberate in World War II now have some form of socialized medicine? Is "60 Plus" also the requisite I.Q. threshold for becoming a member of the group -- or would that be setting the bar too high?

The Greatest Generation

Overall Loathsomeness: 9.7

Mitigating Factor: In the most recent revised health care bill, "death panels" have been replaced with more consumer-friendly "life termination review boards."


  1. I friggin' love your blog! So much funnay, so much truth. And the funny stops me from stabbing myself in the head when I watch these things and lose all faith in humanity :)
    When are we going to see more updates? Anything we can do to help?

  2. Hey, thanks. We've fallen a bit behind of late, but we just added a new post (State Farm "Hot Tub"), so hopefully that will help restore confidence. If we can resist our own head-stabbing urges, we'll try to update more frequently in the future. There's certainly no lack of material.

  3. Part of the right's problem is that many WWII vets turned out to be....liberals! My dad and most of his buddies were. They didn't buy into the fear crap. They were real men who didn't need to carry guns, deprive people of their money and their voting rights, or elect people to keep them "safe" from those....those...immigrants!


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