Monday, June 13, 2011

Verizon “Rocket Test”

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Synopsis: In a heroic attempt to convert factual information about the speed of a wireless network into a simple image that their shrunken, video game-and-Mountain Dew-addled monkey brains can understand, six excitable morons take over a military airstrip to see whether they can download random media content before a fake rocket reaches a free-standing target positioned a completely arbitrary distance away.

Image 01 
Head idiot at rocket command center with emergency skateboard close by

Image 02 
Two other doofuses at launch site pretend to do something important

Image 03 
By the time they figured out that “Johnny” was a spy, he’d already smuggled key missile technology back to North Korea

Image 04 
900 feet is significant for some reason

Image 05
Sure, we’ve all had the urge to blow up Verizon products at one time or another, but who among us has ever followed through on it?

Image 06
Kirk gets ready next to piles of discarded computer hardware en route to salvage beach in India

Image 07 
Dateless techno-losers with sexually-substituting mobile devices?  Check.

Image 09 
Additional unemployed dorks destined to die of radon poisoning in parents’ basements?  Check.

Image 11
Rocket somehow hovering in mid-air prior to ignition?  Check.

Image 08
“Go hot” is nerdspeak for “Please add some hint of meaning to the yawning, directionless void that is my life.”

Image 15 
Disregarding Newtonian physics, rocket travels in perfectly straight line parallel to ground, unaffected by gravity

Image 17 
One-tenth of a second before the most inconsequential event ever produced by human beings

Image 19 
This and release of “Transformers 3” will be high points of their fleeting existence on Planet Earth

Image 20
Team wisely placed observation stand in blast zone

Image 21
Rocket bounces off self-exploding target

Image 22
“This must be how Allan Einstein felt when he discovered electricity!”

Image 23
Kirk eagerly awaits test results while holding WWII-era fire extinguisher

Image 24
“Solitaire” was appropriate game choice for Carl

Image 25
Jill is mentally incapable of reading “Gulliver’s Travels” or any other book unless it’s condensed into a Tweet

Image 26
Robert proudly displays stock photo of people who have actual lives

Image 27
“I’ll cherish this 819 KB picture of an anonymous German family forever.”

Image 28
The only thing that could be more awesome than this is anything else

Image 31 
Apparently “Rule the Air” means “Download time-wasting crap a little faster than you could before.”

Loathsomeness: 8.8


  1. Seriously, I would take internet service that is a little slower than a rocket if it were you know reliable, but I guess there's no EXTREME!!! way to express reliability.

  2. Maybe Verizon could put these idiots on an iceberg with only their cell phones and that rad skateboard, then see whether they can get a call through for help before they die of exposure and starvation.

  3. Every time I see this I keep hoping that the rocket will veer to the right. Of course, it never happens, but I can dream.

  4. Hmmmmmm..... Me caring about this service or wanting to purchase it based on this ad? I guess we can call that myth busted.

  5. After their wireless downloading experiments have concluded, maybe the Verizon team should search for the elusive “Higgs Boson.”

  6. Actually, rockets can fly in a straight line. They have wings on them like planes do.

    Hovering in mid-air... not so much.

  7. Not that it matters, but you'll notice that Verizon's fake rocket has only tail fins -- no wings. If it were real, it would have to fly in a parabolic trajectory to reach its target.

    Maybe next time they could use a curved wire.

  8. If this group REALLY worked for Verizon, they would be on par with the scientists of the Manhattan Project. Trust me.

    1. I doubt this crew even knows what the Manhattan Project was. For them it probably would mean some kind of scheme to get wasted in New York.

  9. I know right Editor? Why is everyone so dumb nowadays? My IQ is nice, just at around 120, so I can learn some advanced stuff but not master it, but come on. There's almost no one who I meet who even knows their own IQ score. Now, I know IQ isn't the end-all and be-all of someone but ... it's a strong indication. As is the music they listen to and the kinds of movies etc. they like.

    1. Kids today ... or, I should say, kids three years ago.


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