Thursday, July 21, 2011

Crossroads GPS “Awake”

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Synopsis: A worried single mother stereotypically brought to life by Karl Rove’s anonymously-financed SuperPAC lie machine wakes up in the middle of the night to mentally review President Obama’s record of economic failure and ponder how she can stop him from turning America into a dystopian socialist prison.

Image 01 
It’s 3:01 – do you know where your balanced budget is?

Image 02 
For a few precious moments, Judy Peterson sleeps peacefully in manless bed despite Washington’s out-of-control borrowing and spending

Image 03 
Then she’s awoken by the camera crew

Image 04 
If hedge fund managers have to pay a slightly higher capital gains tax, will they still be able to afford their fancy cars and vacation homes?

Image 05 
Before Judy was forced to purchase health insurance for herself and her children, their carefree days were filled with smiles and laughter

Image 05A 
After Obamacare passed, a government panel ordered that Sam be buried alive because amount it cost for his asthma medication was deemed better spent on self-esteem workshop for recovering crack addicts

Image 07 
Now the danger of big oil companies losing their public subsidies is turning Judy’s whole world upside-down

Image 08 
How can ExxonMobil survive without financial assistance?

Image 09 
Despite three visits from Father Mahoney, apparition of Barack Obama has appeared every night since house went into foreclosure

Image 09B
“You want scary?  Try hallucinating Mitch McConnell.”

Image 09C
“That guy’s face looks like it’s been hit by a cannonball.”

Image 09D 
“Yeah, that’s right – I said it …”

Image 11 
Why can’t he just leave the poor folks on Wall Street alone?

Image 12 
Unfortunately, all of those jobs were on the moon

Image 13
That steep drop in unemployment during the higher-tax era of the Clinton Administration seems like a mistake

Image 14 
Guess that’s why they erased it

Image 15 
Actually, it’s been quite a while since Judy received any kind of stimulus at all

Image 16 
She had to lay off her husband last year due to the recession; also the fact that he was banging her sister Louise

Image 17 
Just in case someone is reading her mind, Judy is careful to make sure that all her recollections of ominous milestones in nation’s unfolding debt crisis are properly sourced for attribution

Image 18 
Judy rarely uses this replica of Charles Lindbergh’s bathroom anymore

Image 19 
It’s where her alcoholic brother slit his wrists after he found out that Obama wanted to eliminate tax loopholes for corporate jets

Image 20 
Must be a bit chilly in there

Image 21 
“Not you again …”

Image 22 
Why does President Obama hate me and all that I represent?  Is it my hair?

Image 23
The bank repossessed her slippers last week

Image 25 
Maybe she’d have more money for Mom’s hip surgery if she didn’t leave the lights on all night

Image 26  
Abigail is blissfully unaware of the Democrats’ plan to tax stuffed animals in order to pay for federally-funded abortions

Image 27
Ten years from now she’ll be pulling up beets on some state-run farming collective under the lash of Nancy Pelosi

Image 28 
That’s when the bathtub drowning idea pops up again

Image 30 
Hurry, before President Obama is able to find a way to prevent himself from personally gaining hundreds of thousands of dollars from the Bush tax cuts over strenuous Republican objections

Loathsomeness: 9.5


  1. The third close-up shot of Obama and caption could not match more perfectly.

  2. Nor could the description of McConnell's face and the real thing. That is one ugly dude.

  3. For added comedic goodness, check the website at the URL at end of the ad (not gonna type it as I don't want to promote it on Google).
    The cartoon thought bubble coming out of Obama's head with the words "I can't be out of money - I still have checks left!" really succeeds in demonstrating that this organization has a firm grip on the issue of the national debt, and knows exactly who's at fault for all of our fiscal woes.

  4. Yes, if there's any single metaphor that aptly characterizes Obama's ability to get what he wants during the past year of his presidency, with a Republican-led House and a filibuster-paralyzed Senate, it's a "blank check."

    We should thank Crossroads for taking an exceedingly complex issue and reducing it to a simple, relatable image which even the most politically ignorant American can easily understand as being completely irrelevant.

  5. Let's not forget what other cause these idiots hype in order to stampede the masses into ignoring their looting the country: the need to stop gay people from being as 'happily' married as straight people.

  6. Yes, Dreaded, but I think you know that The Planet has already covered that one:

    Btw, I don't presume to know the Editor's political leanings, but I hope The Planet is applauding New York State today for allowing gay couples marriage equality.

  7. Fortunately, we haven't yet reached the level of political sophistication we see here up North....yet. The closest we came was the last election wherein Harper pointed out that Ignatieff was even more hot to trot with the Americans than he was.

  8. Dread: good use of quotation marks around "happily." If conservatives really dislike gays, you'd think they'd want 'em to suffer along with the rest of us.

  9. OK. So they actually showed that unemployment graph in their ad? The one that shows the unemployment rate skyrocketing before the stimulus, then leveling off after the stimulus?

  10. Yeah; guess it was supposed to drop back down to zero overnight.

    The chart also illustrates that (1) the previous unemployment peak was in the early 90's, at the end of the Elder Bush Administration; and (2) unemployment took off again after Bush Jr. aggressively cut taxes on "job creators," who simply pocketed the extra cash and moved their operations overseas.


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