Saturday, July 2, 2011

Pepsi “Field of Dreams”

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Synopsis: Bloated $24 million-a-year NY Yankee pitcher CC Sabathia unexpectedly finds himself in the middle of a cornfield with a group of bantering baseball greats – plus Tampa Bay’s Evan Longoria, for some reason – where he enjoys a gut-rotting zero-calorie Pepsi Max from a vending machine operated by a smirking delivery guy who, in real-world circumstances, CC would sooner run over with his Escalade than have a conversation with.

Image 02 
Since Congress cut back on ethanol subsidies, struggling Midwest farmers have been forced to grow overpriced Yankees as cash crop

Image 03 
CC figures either he’s been traded to Kansas City, or he’s dead

Image 04 
If this were CC’s idea of heaven, he’d be standing in a field of Big Macs

Image 05 
A little pesticide should take care of this

Image 08 
Overrated designated hitter Jim Thome seeks autograph from iconic Hall of Famer who would’ve hit 500 more home runs if he’d played in Thome’s era while Carlton Fisk idly wonders if he should kick his ass

Image 09 
For Babe Ruth, this is hell

Image 10 
Lou Piniella makes nervous ump feel at ease before breaking his neck over blown call in 2008 NLDS

Image 12 
Rickey Henderson hangs out with his favorite people in the whole world

Image 13 
Unfortunately for Mets, only two of these three Rickeys cared about his team

Image 14 
Bobby Bonilla is waiting back in the clubhouse with a deck of cards

Image 17 
Rollie Fingers sacrifices his self-respect and his stomach lining to earn his first paycheck in 25 years

Image 18 
Evan Longoria and his .249 batting average must’ve wandered in by mistake

Image 19 
Even Milwaukee Brewers’ giant bratwurst mascot looks offended

Image 21 
All Iowa cornfields are equipped with electrical outlets

Image 24 
Kevin Costner was unavailable, but amiable schlub Richard Speight Jr. has roughly same amount of acting skill

Image 25 
Richard hands CC a full day’s supply of aspartame

Image 26 
CC suddenly spots Evan Longoria

Image 30 
Dennis Eckersley, one second before blowing out his elbow

Image 32 
Kirk Gibson would’ve hit this out of the park

Image 34 
When commercial is over, Randy Johnson can go back to appearing in little kids’ nightmares

Image 36 
Excess soda from Pepsi bottle leaves signature burn hole in recycling bin

Image 38   Mike Schmidt tries to clock Johnson’s fastball with old fishing reel

Image 39 
You can really taste the phosphoric acid

Image 40 
When only Ozzie Smith’s left leg made it through cornfield teleporter, it was clear that something had gone horribly wrong

Image 45   I’d prefer maximum calories with zero Pepsi taste.

Loathsomeness: 7.0


  1. They forgot to spell the word all the way; it's lacking the 'dys' in front of the 'p' and the 'a' that goes after the 'i'.

  2. That wouldn't leave enough room on the label for the screaming, blood-red "MAX."

  3. You call this humour? *snort* And FYI Richard Speight, Jr. is a great actor douchebag.

  4. I think the snort is what really made the preceding comment. But, Richard, why were you afraid to use your real name?

    Apologies, in any case. Lest there be any doubt, Richard Speight Jr. is the De Niro of diet soda commercials.

    See you at the Oscars.


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