Monday, July 25, 2011

Schick “Splash”

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Synopsis: Thrill-seeking guys experience the reality-bending effects of a magical razor which causes any foreign object that comes into contact with their hyper-hydrated faces to instantly turn into water, somehow without terrifying their unsuspecting friends and lovers or condemning them to dissection in a secret government lab.

Image 01
Looks like we’re off to a promising start …

Image 02
Normally I wouldn’t date a woman who wears a “Thriller” jacket, but I think in this case I’d be willing to make an exception.

Image 03
Dude, just throw it on the floor!

Image 04 
If movies and TV have taught us anything, it’s that cool single guys live in converted urban warehouses with factory-style fixtures

Image 05
Chicks dig exposed interior brick … a lot

Image 06 
Customer service hotline?  1,000 Schick Hydros, please.

Image 08 
Ooo … right in the eye.

Image 09
I guess turnabout is fair play.

Image 11
Wait – what just happened?  Go back!  Go back!

Image 13
The $2.7 billion Martial Arts Module is one of the most popular additions to the International Space Station

Image 16
It’s funny, because under normal circumstances he’d be dead

Image 17
This is why Japan lost World War II

Image 18
So, the feeling you get from Schick Hydro is like being waterboarded?

Image 19 
Chronic unemployment isn’t all bad

Image 20
Joe made sure to wear extensive padding on his vulnerable elbows and kneecaps, leaving only his expendable face unprotected

Image 21
When an opposing player takes a shot, the goalie’s best defense is to remain utterly motionless, keep his hands down at his sides, and try to block the ball or puck with the bridge of his nose

Image 22
It’ll be interesting to see how they score this

Image 23
Routine headers like this one used to produce little excitement beyond long-term traumatic brain injuries that aren’t diagnosed until years later

Image 24
Now exploding balls filled with hydrochloric acid give long-suffering soccer fans something to cheer about

Image 24A
Josh displays alabaster torso in rare Caucasian mating ritual never before captured on film, while Michelle, showing less enthusiasm for their upcoming sexual encounter, obliviously plays Angry Birds on her iPhone

Image 25
In further attempt to spark arousal, Josh adopts expectant gorilla posture, which no woman can resist

Image 27
The Pentagon is studying this to see if it has any kind of military application

Image 29
The coroner later ruled Josh’s drowning accidental

Image 30
Okay, okay – we get it!

Image 31
This guy’s all washed up.  Heh-heh …

Image 32
Carl screams in horror as fist liquefies before his eyes

Image 33 
Um … this is supposed to be good?

Image 34
Each razor is lubricated with babies’ tears

Image 35
Works best on hairless, computer-animated beards

Image 39
Mike isn’t sure if he’s experiencing blast of hydration, or just lingering rush from bludgeoning his wife to death a few minutes ago

Image 41
Either way, he feels a lot better now

Image 43
CAUTION: Do not attempt to free skin from face; severe injury may result

Loathsomeness: 5.1


  1. Thank you; that one has been a burr under my saddle for quite a while now.

  2. Remarkably, even after seeing this commercial approximately one billion times, I still have not purchased a Schick Hydro. I do want to drown myself, however.

  3. Woohoo, thank you thank you for doing this one! With the exception of Godaddy's ads, these have been the most irritating to me lately.

    I particularly like the martial arts bit. Apparently getting hit in the back of the head with a wooden sword (and survivng) is a common occurrence for today's Cool Guy™.

  4. The martial arts guy was so cool, he made no attempt to defend himself from the potentially lethal attack, instead relying on the magic of Schick to save his hydrated skin. Unfortunately, he later learned the hard way that it only works when the temperature's above freezing.

    We'll have to put Go Daddy in our queue.


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