Saturday, March 3, 2012

McDonald’s “Odds”

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Synopsis: Humble-hometown-basketball-hero-turned-egotistical-world-class-jerk LeBron James takes his talents to McDonald’s, where he helps deliver an inspirational message of hope, courage, and bypassed crunch-time jumpers to struggling grease addicts who seek a miraculous solution to their financial problems in a fast food restaurant that is actively trying to kill them.

Image 01
Multicultural rainbow of Stacys sits in front of carefully-arranged junk food to discuss Eurozone crisis

Image 02
Odds that in any group of four women dining at McDonald’s, none are fat

Image 03
In search of more nutrition, Stacy No. 2 decides to try eating peel-off sticker

Image 04
It says, “Act surprised, stupid.”

Image 05
Okay, dial it back a little …

Image 07
“I won a million dollars without getting food poisoning!”

Image 09
* Cash prizes paid in Monopoly money

Image 11
“Now I can buy all the contraceptives I want without sending my Catholic employer to hell!”

Image 12
While Stacys celebrate astounding good fortune, LeBron James finds extra million from Miami Heat stuck to the bottom of his shoe

Image 13 
Endorsement contract doesn’t require him to hide wariness of pretend meal

Image 14
LeBron is almost as afraid to touch artery-clogging french fry as he is to take final shot with game on the line

Image 16
It’s funny because it’s true.

Image 18
Lack of cumbersome championship ring makes it easier to uncover boxed burger prizes

Image 20
“You’ll never be Jordan.”

Image 21
Quarters of NBA playoff games LeBron typically doesn’t show up in

Image 22
It’s nice to see one of the little guys win for a change.

Image 24
LeBron wonders if he can take his talents to the Stacys

Image 26
Dipping sauce he selected will be announced on prime-time ESPN special

Image 27
3 in 4 will get heart disease

Image 28
In clever marketing ploy, McDonald’s makes number of “winning game pieces” issued during Monopoly promotion exactly equal to number of dollars LeBron deemed insufficient to re-sign with Cleveland Cavaliers

Image 29
And this is just for lighting cigars

Image 30
The new Mazda One Percenter gets 3.5 MPG and is aerodynamically designed to cut through drum-banging mobs of unbathed Occupy Wall Street protesters

Image 31
Let’s see, how many pairs of tube socks can you get for that … ?

Image 32
While enjoying the beautiful Cayman Islands, be sure to visit Mitt Romney’s historic offshore bank

Image 34
Ten million cows a year, not so much

Loathsomeness: 8.1


  1. Am I the only one who nearly crapped myself when the buzzer went off about 13 seconds in? That sucker is loud!

    1. Yeah; sorry about that. It was the best link I could find.

  2. The odd thing is that I almost felt hungry for their glue-like milkshakes....that's because the ad made me grimace.

    1. What do you mean, "glue-LIKE?" People in Third World countries use those shakes as a substitute for mortar.

  3. The reaction of the Stacy Collective to Stacy-2 winning ONE MILLION DOLLARS was at about the level you'd expect if she'd won a free order of fries.

    1. Apparently, seeing a close, personal friend sitting right beside you suddenly discover that she's won a million dollars is, at most, a mildly pleasant experience. But perhaps the Stacys are like the Borg -- as soon as one knows, they all know -- so the others weren't surprised.


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