Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Volkswagen “Sustainability”

Volkswagen Commercial Volkswagen Logo

In a stirring exposition of lies, the Volkswagen Group boasts about its sustainable, environmentally compliant low emission vehicles just before being exposed as one of the most brazenly unconscionable companies of all time.

Volkswagen Commercial Autobahn


Volkswagen Commercial Mitt Romney


Volkswagen Commercial German Engineers


Volkswagen Commercial Black Forest


Volkswagen Commercial Poison Gas


Volkswagen Commercial Bill McKibben


Volkswagen Commercial Diesel Fumes


Volkswagen Commercial Elm Tree


Volkswagen Commercial Respiratory Illness


Volkswagen Commercial Killing Spree


Volkswagen Commercial International Scam


Volkswagen Commercial Lying


Volkswagen Commercial Know Nothing


Volkswagen Commercial Unethical Profits


Volkswagen Commercial Sustainable


Volkswagen Commercial Manufacturing Practices


Volkswagen Commercial Air Circulation


Volkswagen Commercial Sustainability Report


Volkswagen Commercial Emissions Test Rigging


Volkswagen Commercial Nitrous Oxide


Volkswagen Commercial Twitter


Volkswagen Commercial Polluter


Volkswagen Commercial Government Regulators


Volkswagen Commercial Exhaust


Volkswagen Commercial Death


Volkswagen Commercial Hybrid Gasoline


Volkswagen Commercial Evil

Loathsomeness: 10.0

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  1. Replies
    1. I'm behind you 100%--can you loan me $132,000?

    2. Will hear the similar kind of story few years down the road when it is too late, like many others, drugs , chemicals, financial engineering, virtues of capitalism

    3. Great world we've got here, isn't it?

  2. Does the loathsomeness figure take into account the Nazi forced labor camp? Or did including it break the scale?

    1. We'd give this commercial a 10 even without VW's former allegiance to Hitler, but that makes it a little more special.

  3. Shitty cars that belch fumes into the air, massive fraud and designed by Nazis to let other Nazis zoom around the lands they brutalized? Who wouldn't want Das Krauto?

    1. VW's looming multi-billion dollar losses and years of vexatious litigation make me feel a little better.

  4. http://www.thecommercialcurmudgeon.com/2015/10/stalker-preseason-training-brought-to.html Please do this one. It really needs screenshot-by-screenshot analysis to do it justice :>)

    1. Hey -- sorry for the delayed response. I've seen that one, and you're right, it has great potential. Your own analysis is terrific.

  5. I peed myself laughing. Danke!

  6. This is brilliant. All your ad mocks are brilliant. I am now blind from the sheer brilliance, and am touch-typing this.

    1. Thanks, man. I'm not too proud to say, I honestly needed that.

    2. Hope all is well with you, and I hope you find inspiration in the horrors of modern advertising. Really do love your site - your writing's hilarious.

      Not sure if they're the most fertile grounds for adiocy, but Groupon's "it'd be nice to save whales, I guess, but forget that, let's go with using a coupon to have fun watching them jump" keeps a fine balance of cynicism and profound tone-deafness:

      and there's Nationwide's utterly inscrutable dead kid ad for which I have no words:

      There's a rich banquet of cynicism, stupidity, and crass and greed out there waiting to be mocked.

    3. Thanks again, and that's some good stuff, especially the Nationwide ad -- I'd forgotten about that one.

      Please keep checking in.


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